Frequently Asked Questions

      What separates you from other photographers?

      What separates me in the saturated market of photographers is hands down, the service I deliver. Photographers all have different styles in how they capture weddings and their approach to every wedding.

      Now with that being said, my couples are my number one priority especially on their wedding day. When I say, I deliver quality service it means, being responsive when my couples reach out to me, being respectful to them, ensuring that they are enjoying, and are comfortable on their magical day. Especially since the planning can be time consuming, stressing, and a big financial investment.

      I am here saying this to assure you that I am fully devoted in capturing your wedding day and creating beautiful images as best as I can. All while, being extremely professional and holding myself to the highest standard. The drinks, food, partying and celebrating with your loved ones ends once the night is over. Photos are the physical thing that you will keep for a lifetime to look back at and remember your elegant and magical day.

      There's a quote said by Katie Thurmes, that is forever embedded into my brain and is one of my core values as a photographer "We take photos as a return ticket otherwise gone"

      Yes, selecting a photographer to capture your Wedding day who fits your style, can be expensive and an investment. However, I confidently say that myself and the services I offer is absolutely worth the investment.

      Honestly my favorite part about being a Professional Wedding photographer is hearing back and seeing from my all my couples; The heart warming, kind words in emails or positive reviews they have to say about me.

      How do you approach our wedding?

      I understand that you and your fiance'  have been planning your Wedding day for quite some time.  I also remarkably emphasize that I completely understand the responsibility I have as your wedding photographer.  My goal as your wedding photographer, is to capture and create beautiful memorable images during your magical day; Tell your story as best as I can, and delivering quality service.  I ensure to guide and direct you every step of the way of your wedding. Especially, through the moments of your getting ready, couple portraits, family, and wedding party photos.

      What is your style of photography?

      My style is timeless fine art utilizing natural light and showing how beautiful, elegant, and  graceful you are as well as your magical day is.  In addition I sprinkle a touch of candid; I love capturing all the emotions of excitement and happiness.  Especially the moments when my couples interact with one another!  To me, anyone can take a photo, however what makes a great photo is when you can relive the moments and emotions, when looking  back at the photos.  My camera and gear are nothing but tools that help me create my timeless art that will always look alluring to everyone viewing the photos of your beautiful story.

      Will you be the one taking photographs at our wedding?

      Yes!  I will be the one documenting, and guiding you on your magical day :)

      How long have you been photographing Weddings?

      I have been working and capturing photos in the Wedding industry for since 2012.

      How do we book you?

      First off, let’s establish my availability for  your Wedding.  After we have made the establishment on my availability, lets set up a day & time to chat so that you can tell me all the details about yourselves and your special day.  In doing so, it helps us get an understanding one another and ensures we vibe well and make the perfect team together!  Lastly once we feel confident that we make the perfect fit together and want to proceed with booking me for your magical day.  I then require a signing of a contract and retainer (50% of the total cost) in order to lock your date

      Do you travel or accept destination weddings?

      I absolutely love to travel especially if it's for a destination wedding!  To answer your question, Yes I do travel and are open to  photographing destination weddings :).  For a personal quote, about your wedding, please contact me.

      Are you licensed and have insurance?

      Yes, I sure am!  After we have completed  the booking process, I'll go ahead and forward all the necessary documentation required by your venue.

      What do you photograph with?

      I am a proud member of Nikon's NPS (Nikon ProfessionaI Services). The gear I use are Nikon and Tamron gear; All my gear are top of the line professional equipment.  

      With that being said, I am a firm believer that equipment does not define whether or not someone is an amazing photographer. It also depends on the style any photographer.  Photography Gear is nothing but tools which help make it convenient to capture the moment and create a certain style.  

      Do you have backup gear?

      Yes I do!  I have backup for my gear from my camera gear all the way to storage for the photos