Meet Rhaniel

      Hello, my name is Rhaniel and I am a Los Angeles Based Destination Wedding Photographer. My journey with Wedding Photography started in 2012, working as an assistant for another professional photographer. From that experience, I became hooked and made the decision to become a full-time Wedding Photographer.
      Getting the opportunity to capture one of the biggest highlights of a couple’s life together can be very inspiring and fills me with joy.  Most of all, aside from the experiencing the whirlwind of emotions such as happiness and joy. My favorite thing about weddings are, their individual uniqueness and having to approach them differently. It keeps me to stay aware, constantly anticipate moments, and exercises my creative mind.
      I would love to learn more about your wedding and vision. Down below you will find my frequently asked questions and contact page.
      My frequently asked questions’ page is a collection of frequent questions couple’s have asked me throughout the years. Many couples’ have found it very helping and informative.
      Otherwise, if you’d like to learn more about myself and my photography. Head over to my contact page to give me the details of your wedding and vision. From there we can set a time to chat over a cup coffee in person or over the phone.


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